What to do to lose weight?

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It is whole struggle and long struggle to lose weight because it does not require to exercise only or change diet. You need to change your whole schedule from A to Z but it does not mean that it is impossible. It is possible if you are determined. Determination and willpower play an important role in making everything successful because the two virtues keep you on the path and the more you follow the path, the more there will be chances to get success or desired result. So, to lose weight you have to do many things but the most important thing you should do is

Change eating habits: According to science and dieticians at clinics in Dubai, the major cause of obesity is wrong eating habits. Your brain needs time to get message that your tummy is full and we don’t give that time. Instead, we take ten more spoons in that time due to which our stomachs get overloaded and it result in weight gain. So, if you want to maintain your weight then chew slowly and let your brain register how much you have eaten and how much you have needed right now! This timing will please you when you will get fit in your favorite dress.

People underestimate its value but it is the only thing which you have to do because the more you chew, the more your brain will register and when it will register then you will realize that you do not need to fill your plate with spaghetti or rice anymore and then you will stand up from your seat to leave the table. Eating habits has crucial role in weight gain. If you would change your eating habits then you do not need to work on your diet and exercise because it will change itself because you will feel pain when you chew something heavy like pizza or bread due to which you will the avoid and that’s success.

According to science and our ancestors, a man should chew his or her food 32 times because it is the time which a brain needs to register how much your stomach is full.

So, go cafes, have milkshakes and pancakes because they would not make the needle to point at 60 from 57 but eating habits do. So, work on them and feel the change. Yet, don’t eat too much heavy foods because it will weaken your stomach and digestive system.

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