Things you need to know before traveling to Dubai

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Dubai is considered as best city to travel because of its high building, attractive places and cultural heritage. So if you are finding any best place to travel in this vacations then you should select Dubai. But here are few things about Dubai that you must know before travelling to Dubai.

Best months to travel:

As you know that Dubai consists of deserts so the summers in Dubai are not pleasant weather. Its weather becomes too hot sometimes that you can not even go out. So if you will visit Dubai in summers then you will not be able to enjoy Dubai in daylight. So the best weather to visit Dubai is between October and April. Because the weather in this months is pleasant and you can enjoy your trip.

Know about the schedule of flights:

You should know about the schedule of flights at least 6 months before your travelling. And if possible you should also purchase tickets for your flight. But you should purchase tickets only if you have finalized dates and your visa is confirmed. Sometimes, there are different discounts on these flight tickets so you can also purchase tickets on discounts too.

Book your hotels in advance:

To prevent from trouble, you should book your hotel before travelling there. You can also go for online booking. You can see all the details of hotel on website.

Packing of your luggage:

Then the most important step for travelling is the packing of luggage. You should carry only the necessary things that you will need in your journey. You should not carry a lot of clothes for your tour, you can go for the basic color of dresses and alternate colors of dresses.

Prepare list of visiting places:

Then you should make list of the visiting places where you want to travel. You should make list according to your priority and according to your time. As there are many places in Dubai and you can not visit whole Dubai in few days so you should make list of these visiting places.

Show respect during Ramadan:

If you are going to Dubai during Ramadan then being a Muslim you should show some respect due to Ramadan. As Dubai is Muslim country and they have strict laws for Ramadan. So you must take care of.

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