Impact of stress on the human body

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Every individual goes through a stressful phase in their life, stressors contribute towards deterioration of the human body. There is a strong connection between stress, erectile dysfunctions and back pain. To save up time, cost and effort individuals are advised to visit a hospital that has a team of erectile dysfunction doctors as well as specialists for back pain treatments.

External factors to be taken into consideration: There are various factors that contribute to individuals living unhealthy lifestyles. It is not the question of an individual finding his or her job stressful, it could be the economy of the state negatively affecting the individual. For instance when the international price of oil goes down then it would lead to states within the United Arab Emirates(UAE) to rely heavily on Dubai. In times of such uncertainties, the economy of the UAE would be experiencing inflation.

Impact on the employee: In light of an unhealthy economy, the onus is on the employee especially if he or she gets an average income. This income alone would not be enough to curb the price hike derived from inflation. This puts pressure on the employees to feed their families, as a result they experience erectile dysfunction. Add  to the fact of being overloaded with bundle of files to work on at the office, their lower back would start acting up due to extreme slouching that too on an overtime basis.

Importance of self evaluation: An employee should carry out a thorough research on the causes of their erectile dysfunctions or back pains before actually booking an appointment. The reason for evaluating is to keep tabs on one’s activities throughout their daily routines. For instance, whether an individual adopts a healthy diet, exercises regularly or not and lastly the kind of posture they have. The whole point of checking one’s condition on their own is to give a detailed explanation to the doctors when the time comes.

Book an appointment: Individuals should visit a clinic that has a team of specialist in various fields rather than visiting one hospital at a time. In case of pain in the back, it is recommended to consult with a orthopedic doctor alongwith  a physiotherapist. Together both of them will determine the severity of the back then take necessary actions. Coming to erectile dysfunctions, the doctor will only prescribe medications in case they find that an individual’s eating habits and lifestyle are on par.

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