Facts About Fast Food

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We all love fast food because this is the food that is lets our taste buds to open and from really small age, we all had our favorite fast food outlet. There are some amazing facts about fast food as well which will show that how much are we giving profits to fast food chains. When you go for a walk in your town, you will see that there are more than many fast food chains, local and international ones around every corner of the block and that is why this is the only type of business which gives most taxes and it increases the GDP as well. Each year in UAE the annual revenue from fast food chains is generated more than 150 billion dirhams. This includes healthy food delivery in Dubai.

There are many of us who don’t prefer fast food at all and but still that percentage doesn’t matter because it was also estimated by different health and food authority departments that at least 50 million people in UAE, eat fast food every day. Which means 7 out of 10 people eat fast food every day which also means that every hotel and restaurants earns something and they don’t go home empty pockets. Unless there is a price competitive near you or someone opens a cheap outlet right beside your outlet. But still if the business goes down, the people sell it as business for sale and there is always someone who wants to buy a running business of healthy food delivery in Dubai.

According to the daily consumed fast food statistic above, in that percentage one third of it, are children. Which means that if there are 20 people then there will be at least 11 children who prefer fast food on daily basis. That is a total of 34 percent in the whole UAE. Even though there are now more deadly viruses and kids to eat healthy food, still there is a lot of population that is dependent on fast food. There are many statistics which shows that the consumption of fast food has increased up to 57 percent in the last 15 years. This is because in the old days, there were only few fast food outlets and they were expensive, now there are many and everyone has a huge competition in price, variety and quantity.

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