Ensuring the well being of children

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Children are not mature enough which is why parents should visit a child psychologist in Abu Dhabi. If the psychologist is unable to work on the patient then there is a need to refer the patient to a licensed psychiatrist in Abu Dhabi

Psychologist to monitor the child: When parents feel that their child is not behaving as per the norms of the society they are surrounded in, it’s an indication they need to be checked by a psychologist. Children can behave oddly for many reasons, maybe the surrounding environment such as divorce can have an impact. Whether it’s the mother or the father, one of them could be getting reports from the school’s principle that the child is behaving violently or seems distracted while attending classes. It is the duty of either parent to realize that the divorce has had a negative impact on the child’s well being and there is a need to go the psychologist. 

Characteristics of a good psychologist: A psychologist should have done PhD in clinical psychology from an internationally recognized university. He or she should be approved by medical boards and be licensed to practice psychology. The psychologist should have a good speech since the job requires that the doctor should be able to relate to the child. Psychologists have this distinct ability to understand certain patterns of their patient’s behavior. 

Minimizing violent behavior: The child not benefitting from sessions with the psychologist goes to show that probably the parent had detected the matter too late. It would not only be a challenging phase for the child but also for the parents and close family members and friends. The more the child gets violent, there are chances of inflicting damage towards other people around. Anger management is a good example to illustrate the problems of detecting violent behaviors too late. The only solution is to prescribe medications to keep the child sane for a brief time before another relapse. The child is referred to a psychiatrist whose job is to prescribe specific medications. An experienced psychiatrist would always inform the parent of the child regarding the doses of medication to be consumed on specific days. Before visiting the psychiatrist, it is imperative to get a look at their educational background. A certified psychiatrist doctor should have at least done 11 years of training. They also conduct brain stimulation therapies such as electroconvulsive therapy(ECT).

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