Things to know about intermittent fasting

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The problem of weight loss is something which every other person is suffering from and because our bodies are chemically different in makeup therefore the weight loss journey and path affects everyone differently. Intermittent fasting seems to be working for many people and the basic idea behind this is to stay away from food for a certain time period with a proper diet plan in Dubai. But before you start with intermittent fasting, here is something which you must know about it:

  • It’s not necessary to stick to 8-hour window

As you must be aware with the rules of intermittent fasting, you are not allowed to eat anything before your 8-hour window is complete. As strict as it sounds, it really isn’t. The basic idea of not eating for 8 complete hours is to avoid food at night. If you stop the intake of calories before bed and keep it continued a few hours after rise, then you are surely going to find some difference.

  • Have cheat days

Don’t be too strict on your body because a human body is a very delicate and sacred thing which needs to be taken care of. When you are strict on it you are surely going to have a hard time to sticking to it. Let your body lose and go with the flow, somedays it is going to be a good healthy diet while others a chocolate fudge cake.

  • Intermittent fasting is not always helpful

When you are on a very strict intermittent diet, you are sure to come back to your regular schedule and when that happens, your body is going to undergo some major changes. Because you have been on a controlled diet, suddenly removing yourself from it is never going to be the best idea as it can affect your health. What you can do to avoid this is have small cheat days in between so that your body is prone to such diet instead of suddenly having to absorb it all.

One major thing which you need to take care of in between all this is to control your liquid calories which can break the fast. Consider seeking help from meal plans in Ras Al Khaimah to help you with the journey and know what is good for you.

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