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A veterinary clinic should figure out a way of being unique when it comes to promoting its products and services. A team of professional vets and the staff present in the clinic does an excellent job of making pet relocation smoother as well as provide quality dog kennels in Dubai.

Importance of professionalism: Relocating to another country is the last thing an individual wants. Different countries have different policies regarding pets to be boarded in an airplane. An individual might not even find the time to do his or her own research regarding pet policies.

Hand it over to the professionals: Before even beginning the process of preparing pet’s travel documents, it is important that the concerned individual and hospital staff should get into details regarding the pet’s health keeping in mind being placed in a plane would surely be unfamiliar for the pet. Every airport out there do not accept sedated pets which is why the hospital would provide certain medications to the owner when the time comes to take off. The purpose of this medication is to keep the pet calm. The staff will also lay out a detailed plan of making sure the pet would be well fed.

Portable kennels: The one way the veterinary hospital can be unique is to build portable kennels when it comes to relocations. The design of the kennel should be such that it can be bended in various ways so that by the time customer relocates to another house, it is just a matter of placing and fitting the portable kennel. It is important to mention that when an individual relocates to another country it would take time to settle in which is why they should be able to buy this portable kennel.

Responding to the customer: The hospital should allow the customer contact them at all times. Getting back to the customer instantly is important keeping in mind that it is a new environment for both the customer and pet so the hospital should be prepared to answer multiple questions. The clinic should have a platform on its website to answer customer questions. Having official social media accounts would do wonders for responding to customers. Time difference is a factor to keep in mind for the hospital response team.

Conclusion: Al Barsha Vietenary Clinic is one of those clinics that does an amazing job of preparing pet related travel documents as well as provide quality portable kennels.

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