Importance of retaining customers

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To be considered as a cheap and best gym in Abu Dhabi, it would be wise on part of the gym owner to integrate kickboxing classes in Abu Dhabi amongst its branches.

Problems of just sticking to a gym: There is every chance that customers could leave the gym due to its resistance towards change. The customers will start feeling that the fees they pay are not justified especially if it simply acts as a “gym”. Going through the same routine every other day can lead to customers finding their workout schedule to be monotonous and repetitive. 

Be open to innovation: Size of the gym determine whether  kickboxing classes can take place or not. For instance, in case of a bigger sized gym, there will always be space for customers to train for kickboxing whereas a smaller sized gym would find it impossible to allow members to practice kickboxing. This should not stop a smaller sized gym from surviving in the market, perhaps the owner of such a gym can set up another branch that can cater to customers interested in kickboxing. By setting up another branch the gym will be allowed to grow its customer base and revenue which paves way for charging lesser fees to customers. Benefits of kickboxing: By switching between workout and kickboxing, customers would be able to work on specific muscles that were overlooked in the gym. Kickboxing can be of great benefit for individuals with weak lower cores. Working out by lifting weight does not necessarily mean that the customer regains balance in  their lower core. Lifting weight leads to improved muscle endurance, tone and strength. The fact that kickboxing is based mainly on using the legs and hands, it shows that individuals need to be well balanced in order to improve their kickboxing skills. For that the gym should ensure that it has a team of certified kickboxing trainers and physiotherapists too. The reason for hiring physiotherapists is they know the art of working specifically on the core of an individual. Some studies go on to show that working out in the gym can affect an individual’s posture and on the other hand kickboxing requires that the individual has to stand in a specific manner in order to combat

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