Importance of practicing cleanliness in Spas

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No woman would want to visit a women’s spa in Abu Dhabi that does not practice cleanliness. The spa should offer variety of services in the name of best Thai massage in Abu Dhabi in order to retain existing female customers as well as attract new customers.

Cleanliness: Females would visit a Spa that promotes cleanliness in every possible way.  Cloudy and murky water puts off females from visiting a Spa in the near future. One of the most common causes of unclean water is due to lack of maintenance and replacement of filters accordingly.

Preventing the Spa from becoming unclean: Spas should come up with stringent policies centered on not allowing any sort of ammonia based products which would interfere with the water chemistry. A clean Spa is one that keep tabs on water chemistry  by ensuring that chemicals are balanced in the water with respect to the alkalinity level  present. Use of ozone generators can come in handy by breaking down oil and other relevant materials that have no place in Spa pools.

Role of automation for the Spa: To smoothen the process of booking appointments, Spa owners should perhaps set up an online platform for customers to book appointments. This would be beneficial for customers who are hard of hearing or disabilities.

Thai massages for female athletes: Benefits of a Thai massage is dependent on the competitive level of the female athlete. Females playing activities take a toll on their physical well being in the form of fatigue, muscle, joint pain and injury during training sessions. Thai massages can prolong a female’s playing career by preventing her from being burnt out which happens from having a tight schedule. Conventional sports massages focuses on certain segments of muscles to be stretched whereas Thai massages use a dynamic approach by stretching the entire body so that muscles can loosen out which not only improves the physical well being but also putting the mind to peace. The one edge that Thai massage has over regular sports massage is improved blood circulation due to variety of techniques used unlike conventional massages. Another reason for Thai massages being popular among female athletes is that the sessions tend to last longer for instance the therapist would guide her client’s body in yoga like positions.

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