Impact of digital marketing

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Car mechanics in Abu Dhabi dealing in the service of oil change throughout Abu Dhabi need to realize the importance of marketing the auto shop. In order to gain competitive advantage within the automobile industry there is a need to do some thinking out of the box for many reasons.

Challenges of  conventional auto shops: Lack of information on part of a vehicle owner can be problematic when he or she decides to get the engine oil changed/checked. For instance while driving, the car comes to a complete stop due to the engine not functioning properly. There is a possibility that from the last time the oil had been changed perhaps some of it had spilled on the engine bay. The owner is left with no choice other than to take the car to the nearest workshop that too without any information regarding the basics of engine parts as well as the services of the workshop. Upon reaching the workshop, the owner finds out he or she has to deal with an unprofessional staff. There is a chance that an inexperienced mechanic wrongly takes out an engine part without actually knowing the root cause behind the failure of the engine. This would lead to further complications.

Market the auto shop smartly: In order to make a customer’s experience worthwhile, the owner of a auto shop should perhaps think of switching to an online set up. The reason being is in this way the auto shop is able to promote its product and services on its official website as well as its social media accounts. The user gets to know the functionality of the auto shop in advance and then take the car whenever the time comes.

Help those who are disadvantaged: Imagine a hearing impaired driver ends up being stuck on a high way and is not able to contact his or her local mechanic for medical reasons. A mechanic shop can use its social media accounts for this very reason to respond to such customers. Another upside for going digital is that the mechanic shop can set up an online platform for customers to book their appointments. This should apply to customers of all ages. In this way the mechanic shop would be able to be one of its kind.

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