6 easy tips to decorate a cake

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Instead of acquiring kids theme party supplies to prepare your house for your child’s birthday, you can use the free services of internet to plan the birthday party of your child. Nothing is more important in the birthday than cake. You can’t prepare a simple pound cake. You also need to decorate it as well. It is tough, but there are some ways. Scroll down and read six easy ways to decorate them!

  1. Marshmallows: Marshmallows can turn your simple pound cake into the must-eat cake. All you have to do is to buy lots of marshmallows and heat them on light flame until they start melting. Use non-stick pan. Once they start melting, wait for a few minutes and then turn off the pan. Pour all mixture on the cake. Your cake is then ready to serve.
  2. Colorful fondant: It is the easiest way to decorate the cake or pastries. You just have to go to market and buy the colorful fondant and then spread them on cake or pasties. Sprinkle icing sugar on it to keep them from sticking on any place. You can even use white fondant as well. All you have to do then is to use food color to add some colors in them.
  3. Icing Sugar: If you are a busy bee and have to prepare cake for an event then buy icing sugar and dust the sugar on cold cake completely until the surface is covered with it. Don’t sprinkle on warm cake or it will be melted. You can even add some water in it to make mixture of the sugar and then spread it on the cake.
  4. Buttercream decoration: If you have time and energy then mix butter, icing sugar, milk and flavored extract together via electric mixer and spread the mixture on cold cake to decorate it. Use decorating tools to make the topping look well.  However, keep the mixture in fridge for some time if the butter is too runny otherwise topping won’t look good.
  5. Chocolate syrup and chips: No decoration item can beat the sweetness of chocolate syrup and chocolate chips. If you have the sauce and chips then don’t do anything and use the two to decorate the cake. They will make the cake must-eat within seconds and minutes.

So these are some tricks and techniques to decorate the cake. You can avail the services of flower delivery in UAE to decorate them more.

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